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  • Fisting

    I love a good fisting.There is nothing like it. :D


    Anyone esle enjoy fisting?

    I love cock

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    Re: Fisting
    Are you worried you'll get worn out??

  • Re: Fisting

    That is definately sumthing i would luv to try!

    Its looks so nice... :D

  • Re: Fisting
    My ex used to love it and so did I... *sigh* that was a while ago now :(

  • Re: Fisting
    i reckon it would be so much fun but yet haven't done it.

  • Re: Fisting
    I would love to try it, giving and receiving, the more brutal the better when I'm receiving.
    wife and girlfriend

  • Re: Fisting
    love to show you how to do it

  • Re: Fisting
    I've always wanted it done to me...it's happening slowly...been so close....it's the agony and ecstacy of it....mmm
    Going with the flow

  • Re: Fisting
    last week had my first experience with a girl who likes to be fisted in the ass!!!! anyone else had experiences?

  • Re: Fisting
    One fisting experience I had was with a young petite asian gal, she loved to be regularly fisted to orgasm, and she still kept a perfectly tight little pussy. In fact her view was that fisting exercised the muscles and helped keep it tight!

    Another experience was with an older bigger gal, who liked to be fisted in her pussy, whilst her ass was being f#@ked by cock. That was tricky :)
    Sperm Donor

  • Re: Fisting
    i've only ever fisted one girl.
    i broke up with her and a few days later she called me wanting to meet up for lunch at her place to discuss things.
    well, when i got around there she wasn't wearing much and had only one thing on her mind (trying to get me to go back to her)
    we sat and talked for a while and eventually she started rubbing my cock. i was trying not to have sex with her because i wanted to stay sepparated. i couldn't help myself so i started to rub her clit through her g string.
    soon i had a couple of fingers in her and was pushing further in. she was loving it, so i got all the fingers in then went for gold and tried the whole fist. it slipped right in up to my wrist. i loved doing it and she screamed like nothing else. we went for a while then i rolled her over and f#@ked her doggy.
    we did this a couple more times over the next week, but i never got back together with her

  • Re: Fisting
    Hey hornyhubby, that was one interesting and stirring experience as you tell it. How could you possibly keep away from her? Do you think she would let me come in as a substitute? I'm not that experienced fisting-wise though I did fist a bloke once at a nudist beach. He seemed to enjoy it while I found it a bit strange especially when fondling his prostate (just like your friendly local urologist). I didn't accept his offer to return the favour ; I've often wondered if I should have. What do you think?

  • Re: Fisting
    well, she was really quite crazy. better for me to keep away in the end. she was a lot of fun to f#@k tho. she probably would let you if you could find her, no idea how though.
    i reckon if you did let him return the favour, you'd love it. i've been f#@ked up the arse but not sure how i'd take a whole fist. might be a bit painful

  • Re: Fisting
    Last time i fisted a girlfriend she did break my wrist while i was inside her. Fun for her but a hell of a lot of pain for me and trying to explain what happend at the hospital was a whole lot of fun also ha ha
    Love going down on pussy ;p

  • Re: Fisting
    thats a tight pussy if she breaks your wrist. i don't want to know what she does to your c*#k. would feel great i reckon

  • Re: Fisting
    i had a fu%k buddy who loved to be fisted mind you she loved sex of any type as she had a very high sex drive (in her sexual prime) we once had a 3sum and as she was givin the other guy head i was behind fingering her then fisting her as she moaned and ground back on my fist while giving the best head.  i almost fisted her anally once had 4fingers in and pushing slow, and she said theyd never fit...    we did have fun and she loved to be watched got off on the idea that guys were watching and getting hard/wanking, all the time knowing that they would only be watching unless with both of us saying it was ok for them to join us. 
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