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He keeps going soft

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  • He keeps going soft


    My boyfriend of nearly 3 months goes soft quite often and its beginning to be quite frustrating. When he is hard for long periods of time we have amazing sex. Breath-taking so to speak! But I get quite dissapointed when he gets me horny then when im ready for him to enter me he just goes soft! He claims that he's just too tired.

    We love each other to bits (no doubt about it), but this is beginning to get to me quite a bit. Sex is something important to me, and I know it is for him too but this is bringing the mood down.

    Am I being too selfish? He knows that I get disappointed, but I never show him how frustrated I am.

    Im no pro on the subject, but there must be something more to it then just being tired. Can anyone shed some light on the subject? Maybe a guys point of view?



  • Re: He keeps going soft
    sounds like hes not realy into you after all

  • Re: He keeps going soft
    sounds like hes not realy into you after all

    Poor guy, he may suffer from performance anxiety.
    The more he worries about it and the more his girl makes a big deal out of it, the more problems he'll have.

    To Glamazon87,
    Maybe if you buy a vibrator and when it goes soft, tell him it's ok and get him to use the vibrator on you. He could also go down on you and make you cum that way.
    Just don't make a big deal out of it and things could get better.

  • Re: He keeps going soft
    there could be so many reasons for this and it all depends on what kind of guy he is
    if you feel that he really loves you then i'm not going to doubt that - why would he want to have sex with you if you didn't turn him on?

    like bandolero said, maybe hes a bit shy?

    hell, maybe he has some kind of freak fetish where you have to be all kinky to keep him hard

    only thing to do is to talk to him about it.  ask him if there is anything you can do to help....ask him if he even enjoys having sex.  the key is to talk about it and be comfortable with each other!
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