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Canberra Gloryhole

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  • Canberra Gloryhole
    I was just passing through and had some time to CENSORED and decided to drop into one of the sex shops in Canberra. I can't remember the name of the place but they had a theatre room with lots of booths, most with glory holes.
    As I like to wear sexy underwear, I went out to car and got an open bottom girdle and some stockings. Back inside, I went into the gents and slipped them on.
    Back to the booths. Selected one and started to flick through the movies, found a good one and dropped to jeans to have a wank. The booth next door was obviously occupied as I saw someone watching, a minute later I could just see his cock behind the hole. I touched it and it poked through. Soft but quite large, and shaved, so a gave it a rub. One it got harder I put my mouth on it - I'd never done this before - and started to suck. I was only just able to take it all and he was, judging by the noises he was making, enjoying it. He came in my mouth and I swallowed it. Not too bad I thought. He quickly vacated the booth.
    I sat there wanjing and another guy came in. Similar story, shorter unshaved cock but same procedure.
    This repeated twice more and by then I was in dire need of some relieve. I moved to another booth and found the next door booth was occupied by a slim guy wearing a basquq (I think) stockings, panties so I lifter up the girdle so he could see and stuck my cock through - fantastic blow job!
    Later that evening I went back, just before closing time. There were some guys desparate to get sucked and were walking between the booths with cocks out. I dropped the jeans and sat in a booth, didn;t take long for a cock to poke through, sucked and swallowed! As I had the door open, I had some spectators so I knelt down at the door and sucked them both - while others watched. Getting two cocks in your mouth at the same time is not easy! As it was later I didn;t manage to find any one to suck me so had to settle for a wank. Being watched is quite enjoyable.

    The shop is now gone and I haven't found anything like that in Canberra or Sydney.

  • Re: Canberra Gloryhole
    That shop is gone but there is still one in Canberra with a gloryhole which my wife and I use sometimes (we went there tonight without much luck). We have had mixed results there but certainly a few times have been memorable.

  • Re: Canberra Gloryhole
    Hey. I've been looking into glory holes and how fun and exciting they sound. I wouldn't mind giving it a try, giving and reviving that is.

    Know any good places around Canberra, I've only just moved here...

  • Re: Canberra Gloryhole
    Spice of Life in Fyshwick

  • Re: Canberra Gloryhole

    Hi Guys

    I travel through Canberra can you go into these places during the day and as I have never done it before do you just wait in a booth for a cock to come through?


  • Re: Canberra Gloryhole
    i would love the chance to do this. where do i go in melbourne?

  • Re: Canberra Gloryhole
    hey champ - I go on a regular basis - let me know if you are interested.

  • Re: Canberra Gloryhole
    Sorry to hear you missed out let me know if you are interested in getting in a booth together

  • Re: Canberra Gloryhole
    Yes willing how do i get into the action
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