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My best fuck

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  • My best fuck

    My best fuck was one I had with Danielle last monday. We were both hot and sweaty after working all day so we decided to have a shower together. I love the chance to rub soap on her back and slowly circle my hands further apart until they pass her sides and brush against her breasts. She leaned back into me and I felt her hand slowly stroke the outside of my cock while she enjoyed the caressing of her breasts. It wasn't long before her heaving bosoms indicated that she was aroused so we head to the bedroom.

    She always enjous when I spread her legs and gently part her swelling pussy lips to expose her clit. I lick her clit with light rubs as she arches her back and moans softly. I can't help but to insert two fingers into her moistness and angle my fingers to her g-spot knowing that this sensation drives her wild. After a few moments of this her juices are dripping out of her pussy so I spin my body so she can take the head of my cock into her mouth. She sucks and licks me to a new level and I know she wants my cock in her because she pulls away from my touch and forces me down on the bed.

    I feel some pussy juices drip on my stomach before she lowers herself onto my manhood. She is so hot and moist that it feels like a silken vice clamping my cock. She rocks her hips back and forth and before long she shudders. I know an orgasm is imminent so I reposition her so I am on my knees and doing her doggie style. This drives her wild as the penetration is so much deeper and she enjoys the slapping of my balls against her pussy. She leads a hand down to rub her clit and eases her head down to the pillow as she spasms uncontrollably with an orgasm.

    I am not ready to cum at this stage so I turn her over and reinsert my cock after slipping a pillow under her arse to raise the angle. I can see the pleasure on her face as she builds up to an orgasm and I thrust in deep ever conscious of my climax arriving. Her scream of delight coincides with the last big thrust and the explosion of cum deep in her pussy. I collaspe spent on her and she embraces me strongly. I start to recover when I stroke my cock inside her to try to awaken it again and she tightens her snatch to entice life. We love to start over and I will tell you that exploit next time.

  • Re: My best fuck
    my best was was when i was 18 and i had a late night encounter with my then mother in law.

    my gf asked to me to stay with her at her parents for the weekend and i was very, very reluctant to do so as i got the picture her parents weren't really into me. 1st night my gf wanted to turn in early i was opting to stay up late as she had a firm no sex policy at her parents. SO when she finally drifted off to sleep it was starting to get late and i thought i'd go down stairs to the lounge room and watch some foxtel which i didn't have at my uni flat.
    funnily enough when i went down stairs the mother in law was already there and she obviously wasn't expecting company. She was wearing some very classy and sexy silk ngihtware. When i saw her i was embarassed as all hell but she was in such great shape i couldn't help but look. Unfortunately i was only wearing boxers and a singlet. in my embarrasment to get out of her way i knocked over a small table with some photos and bits and peices on to the floor. She laughed rather nervously and we both bent down to pic them up, this is when i noticed her breasts. They were so awesome and her legs were magnificent it  was pretty hard to concentrate on what i was doing as we finished and stood up i was so embarrassed cos i had a raging hard on. Her face went red and she laughed rather nervously we both looked at each other i was mortified. She stepped forward kissed my gently on the cheek ran her hand up my shaft and whispered "you better put that away before it gets you into trouble":.
    with that she walks up the stairs to her bedroom where her husband is fast asleep.

    The next day was spent in the company of my gf's parents and i was embarrased everytime i had to talk to the MIL (mother in law). As the day wore on i was left in her company quite a bit and to relieve some of the awkwardness she started some light banter about our late night encounter. needless to say this made me even more uncomfortable and i couldn't for the life of me keep my eyes off her tits or her legs! it was sheer torture!

    Later that day we met up with some other family friends and it was decided to have a bit of a get together later that day. Some of the family friends decided to come straight back ot the in laws and get an early start on festivities. My gf decided she had to go somewhere else first and that she'd meet us at the parents later, this left me alone with her parents and 2 other family friends who were coming back to the house with us. her father drives a small 2 door sports car. needless to say it was going to be cramped, so i offered to take a taxi, which my father in law quickly replied no. He had the seating arrangments in order and decided the MIL could sit on my knee in the back seat and their friends coudl have a seat each tho 3 of us in the back wre extremely tight. I noticed the MIL wasn't that keen either but she shrugged it off and we all squeezed into the car.

    unfortuneately having her tight cheeks sitting on my lap, her long skirt pulled half way up her thighs with her beauiful aroma filling my nostrills and her great rack bouncing up and down  in front of me did nothing for me. By the time we reached the 1st set of lights i had a raging hard on, which my MIL was siting on. We had a 30min drive back to the house. I was once again horrified and the alarming look my MIL gave me wasn't helping me at all. It was the most embarrassing feeling i've had in my life and she knew it. after a few minutes she looked at my sympathetically and whispered in my ear, (her mouth was only a few inches from cheek), "seems that's always popping up when it shouldn't, don't worry i won't tell" and with that she gave me a reassuring smile.
    a few more minutes of driving and a few awkward positional changes from both of us left us in a precarious position and my hard on was rubbing up against her pussy, which she acknowledged with a confused look on here face and look that said uh oh., now i was really horny and she didn't help matters when she tried to lean on me to lift herself out of the awkward position. her skirt rode high at the back and now the only thing seperating my raging hard on was my shorts. She stiffened in my lap as my throbbing member rubbed up and down her silk covered pussy. After a few minutes she whimpered in my ear "my god this is killing me" ....... i wasn't sure what she was talking about but all i knew was that i was in agony, her beautiful breasts right in my face, her pussy practically riding up and down my shaft and i didn't know what to do with my hands. One of my hands was resting on the bareskin of her knee and the other was practically under the back of her dress resting beside me. With a gulp a tried to press myself against the seat and make some space between me and the MIL and i desperately tried to grab my throbbing member and move it aside, but with some ill timing and the luck of the irish the MIL came back down on my hand. WE BOTH froze! my hand was touching her pussy and just about died .... could this get any worse??
    i mumbled an aplogy and we both manuevered to move my hand ...... which to my surprise came out wet! It was all i could do not to lift it to my mouth and taste her.

    It was the longest most embarssing ride i've ever know.n, but it also left me wondering.

    when we finally got back to the house she jumped of me like a jack rabbit and took off. i was pretty keen to do the same. I high tailed it back to my room which i shared with my gf. My FIL and the 2 guests started preapring the bbq.

    i had other things on my mind and my raging hard on was one of them, as i raced up the stairs i walked past the bathroom and noticed my MIL yelling out the window to her hubby downstairs ...... when she heard me she turned hurriedly and blushed. I quickly walked in and started to stammer and apology ...... she embarrsingly asked me not to tell anyone, which i whole heartedly aggreed. Then as she went to rush past me i went to turn and leave, we both ended face to face trying to get to the door ...... we were so close i could smell her again unfortuneately i still had a raging memeber which unceremoniously poked her her again, we both sidled through toward the door a step and both stopped.

    she looked down and whispered "oh god ..... i gotta take care of that thing!" ...... then suprisingly she shut and locked the bathroomm door. holding her finger to her mouth she shushed me and walked to the window. "They're all down by the bbq and none of them can hear us. i want to sort this out right now!"
    with that she walks over and unsips my shorts grabbing my engorged member and holding it firmly, then slowly she gets down on her knees and slowly, delicouslyshe puts it in her mouth while pulling my shorts down, i was in heaven .......
    She plays with my balls gently and her motion gets more and more passionate the squezzing gets more insistent ...... i explode in her mouth and she expertly swallows every drop ..... and as near the end she sucks long and hard on the head of my member, needless to stay my member dosn't go soft for a heartbeat! She takes it out of her mouth and looks up at me surprised and a little intrigued. " Looks like i'm goign to have my work cut out for me huh" she whisperes erotically. As she handles my member she stands up and starts leading me to the sink where she kisses me passionately, she sits on the basin and wraps her legs around me. She opens her legs and lets me look at her well trimmed pussy, my fingers caress her mound as she guides me into her throwing her head back and gripping the basin with her hands she grinds my member riding my hips. My hands wander as much as possible, caressing her contracting arse, smoth and firm then wandering up to her twin mounds of perfection, her moans start getting loud, then she whispers in my ear 'fuck me ..... fuck me hard ..... fuck me harder than you've ever done to my daughter!'. With those encouragin words i start going to town like a frieght train, she throws herself off the basin and rides me, i hold on for dear life and keep entering her hard, all of a sudden she breaks it off, grabs my member as she turns around and helps me enter from behind. The sound of my thighs slapping against her cheeks seems thunderous but her cries star getting louder and louder, then she starts thrusting back hard as we can, the slapping of my  thighs agains her cheeks seems ridiculously loud, then She lets out a grunt and her hands reach aorund to grab my butt, holding me aginst her as she grinds away, moaning and whimpering, when i realis she's climaxing i explode again in a monumental rush and with a powerful thrust i lift off the floor.

    Our heavy breathing was enough to give us away i thought, but the MIL slowly withdraws me form her pussy, pulls her undies back up, puts her skirt back down, and without another glance unlocks the bedroom door and wlaks out, leaving me there, dripping with cum and still rock hard! BUT oh so satisfied.

    We only did it one other time and that was later on that night while everyone else was sleeping. The best expeiences in my life!!!

  • Re: My best fuck

    This wasn't actually my best fuck, but must say one of the most memorable ones. It was  my first night out after a breakup of a twenty year marriage and I was hot  to trot.  I was dressed to the  max and looking sexy in my halter top with a keyhole showing just enough cleavage to entice the inquisitive mind of a sensually sexy man. He appeared and dropped an ice cube down my front. I told him to get it out with his tongue which he obliged. It wasn't long  before we left to play some more. He dared me to give his manly asset a kiss. I took up the dare and didn't flinch even though we were right in front of the local police station. It was late at night and very dark.  We then hurried up toward his house he grabbed me and put me up against a wall and slipped his tongue into my pants and gave me a taste of better things to come. I was sooo keen to get him back to his place. We went for it on the couch, On the floor and all night of hott fucking. Funniest thing I remember was that all night long my beads were popping off my gorgious top. I think I was too hot for the top. LOL. We became regular lovers for a few months as he was adamant that he was not looking for a relationship and I told him he was perfect as I had only just left my long marriage. Oh and the night we met it was his birthday. How good was that....ScentSational~~~~~.....~~~~~

  • Re: My best fuck = anonymous
    Hey, very nice story, wow.. you made me really read till the end of that. huh that was fun! I hope this forum become larger!

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    Love, Sex, Or Money?

  • Re: My best fuck
    Wow, nice! That stoy was awesome$!!!
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